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Hire From Outside Of The Box

Having a diverse and innovative team member may be a lot to handle but it pays off in the long run. Hire the right people outside the box.I get asked, "Can you run a design thinking workshop for our team?"⁣Then ⁣I replied "Sure. What would you like to achieve by holding the workshop?"⁣They responded "We'd like our team to learn how to think outside of the box"⁣⁣And I look at the team and what I often notice is the lack of diversity.⁣⁣It's much cheaper to hire someone from another culture than to teach a team from the same culture to perceive how other cultures work.⁣⁣Diverse teams are difficult to handle. Sure. However, the payoff is incomparably high. ⁣


Getting your dream team is no easy pie to bake. It takes the right combination of people and a good amount of experience.I often get an inquiry from clients that they want to run a workshop for their team. So I asked, "What would you like to achieve in this workshop?" They said, "We want our team how to think outside the box." That made me wonder, "Why not hire someone outside of the box?"


First, you can't teach someone to think outside of the box, if they don't want to get out of the box itself. Some people want to stay where they already are. They like routine stuff, they like the usual everyday work they do and that's a goal killer. You must ensure that your team has the same drive and passion to work push harder for success.Second, get someone to challenge you not to say YES boss. You’re wasting your time and theirs. Hire someone with a point of view. Hire someone outside your comfort zone. Someone who doesn’t come from the same background as you do.Third, don't waste your time and resources on those who don't want to improve themselves. It may be a cliche but change starts within. Work with people with diverse backgrounds. In this way, you guarantee yourself developing solutions that incorporate different mindsets and points of view. Cultivate your company's work culture so your team feels part of the company and they share the same passion for the company as you do. Having a diverse and innovative team member may be a lot to handle. But it payoffs in the long run and puts your shoulder at ease knowing that you’re developing comprehensive solutions that address the needs of all your target groups.For more tips and insightful articles don't forget to follow our latest blogs. Also for comments, suggestions, and feedback feel free to reach out at contact@bonanza.design