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Top Innovation Groups You Should join in 2021

Innovation groups are the most interactive and resourceful network where you can learn and communicate about innovation. Big social media platforms like Linkedin and Facebook groups focus on different topics which make connecting to people easier.These groups often share hands-on knowledge that can help anyone aside from textbook knowledge. Here are some of the groups we follow that offer a friendly and open community to everyone who wants to learn innovation:

Meet Up & Eventbrite

Design Thinking and Innovation - Only Workshop:

By yours truly, Bonanza Design. Our Design Lead, Behrad, has been making great rounds of webinars and online events for everyone who wants to learn about UX design, design thinking, & innovation. With more than 2000 active members, Behrad hosts monthly events and open discussions to connect developers, startups, and businesses on innovation. Bonanza Design understands how complex innovation can be, especially to Startups and junior innovators. That is why we dedicate most of our time working with them through our online events to not only elevate their business but also their knowledge about product development and innovation itself.

DC Tech Meetup:

US-based innovation group that bridges entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, and other innovation communities bringing them together under one roof to learn and share more about innovation. With active members of more than 28,000, they create events so each can showcase their demos, launch products, and connect to future potential clients.

Introduction to Lean Innovation:

This group is being hosted by the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It aims to teach innovation professionals and aspirants all about innovation and entrepreneurship through its online events. The group was founded in 2010 and started online this year to reach a larger audience of innovators.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society:

This group has been active since 2008 on Linkedin and counts more than 16,000 members. This group wants its members to explore different ideas through discussion. Its main focus is developing innovation topics that can be helpful to startups, entrepreneurs and developers.

New Product Development and Agile Innovation:

Connecting marketing, UX design, innovation professionals in one group to create a fun and healthy environment where everyone is open to sharing their ventures and ideas about innovation. This group has been active since 2009 with almost 40,000 members.


Service Design, Design Thinking, Service Innovation, UX, CX:

This is an open group for everyone who wants to learn or share their ideas about UX, Design Thinking, and innovation. They have been active since 2019, and have more than 28,000 active members. They also focus their discussion to help businesses improve their innovation process through webinars and resourceful content.

Design Thinking for Business:

If you are a business owner, startup, or entrepreneur that wants to improve your business processes, this group is the best community to join. They encourage businesses to evolve by offering a lot of insightful ideas and initiating exchanges around innovation.

Open Innovation:

This group stands by its name, creating an open community of innovators through open discussions, news, and research. With its friendly environment, you can talk to anyone about everything on innovation here. This group has an active and fast-growing community of almost 6,500 members.


Tech Masters:

Created in 2014, this group is all about connecting people with developers, entrepreneurs, and technologists. It is a diverse and growing group where everyone can openly discuss new trends in technology and business innovations. The group is now focused on business solutions and innovative technology. Therefore, they became more relevant to anyone involved in innovation and development. The technical vocabulary might be overwhelming, but with this group, you will surely catch along.



This group is all about innovation. If you have questions or an idea that needs validation, everyone in this group can surely help with their own inputs. It is an open discussion and a safe space for everyone who needs to gather information or simply have a conversation with fellow innovators. This group has over 9,000 members and has been active since 2009. Did you find the perfect innovation group for you on this list? If not, join the Bonanza Design group to get you started. Bonanza Design has been known as an innovation powerhouse. We guarantee you that our group will not only give you 1 or 2 basic tips, we always create amazing content that’s proven effective and worth reading on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. To keep you updated subscribe to our newsletter and check out our monthly events to boost your innovation knowledge.