Frequently asked questions

Upfront Payment Not Required! We don't want to lock you into an endless retainer engagement; we are here to help your business actually move forward. You only pay upon delivery of our promise! If we didn't deliver, you wouldn't pay.

Frequently asked questions
Upfront Payment Not Required! How does it work?

We're big believers in running a drama-free business. If you're dissatisfied with our work or if we're missing the deadline, you don't have to pay us.

We'll have daily and weekly touch bases with you, and you can monitor the progress. At any given point that you don't like the progress, please raise your concerns. We welcome this and encourage you.

Where's your company registered?

We're a German company operating under the legal structure known as GmbH. This structure is commonly used for private companies in Germany and Austria. GmbH is analogous to the Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States.

Do you have business liability insurance?

We are covered for financial and business damages caused by our work, up to €500,000.

Where is your team based?

50% of our team is based in Germany; the rest is from France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, England, and Iran.

How do you deliver your services?

We allocate a dedicated growth team that can assist you with research, UX design, wireframing, website design and development, and app development.

We provide daily and weekly updates and establish a Slack channel between us. You'll have access to all of our files from day 1.

How's the terms of engagement?

You can work with us on an hourly, project, or retainer basis. You can start small and scale as you go, depending on at which growth stage you are.

How can I cancel a project for retainer projects?

You can always terminate your contract with just one month's notice. Additionally, we provide a one-month money-back guarantee for the initial month if you are unsatisfied with our work.

How soon can you start a new project?

We only accept one client per month for each service we offer. So if you're interested in working with us, we suggest booking an introductory call as soon as possible.