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Smart Legal cut ad spend by 66% & secured $38k in net new revenue


Project overview

Our client developed an AI platform to deliver their legal services but struggled to generate leads despite having a daily advertising budget of $7,000. They contacted us for assistance, and we analyzed performance data from various sources to identify their target audience. We then tightened up their positioning, narrowed down their focus, redesigned the landing pages, and created a new advertising campaign. As a result, the client received 78 leads within three weeks at a cost of only one-third of their previous advertising budget and generated $38k in net new revenue.


Ad Spend Reduction


CPA Reduction

About Smart Legal

Smart Legal AI is a legal tech platform that uses AI to help individuals find the best legal representation for their case without needing excessive phone conversations or paying for unnecessary legal firm overheads.

Problem Statement

SmartLegal had a functional product but needed traction. They aimed to improve platform scalability and revenue predictability by identifying lucrative legal areas and target audiences to achieve product-market fit.


UX Design

Growth Strategy

Team Involved

1 UX Lead

1 Growth Specialist

1 Illustrator

Project Duration


Data-driven, Agile Discovery

Service Details

We are a process-driven growth studio, operating in weekly sprints and utilizing lean and agile methodologies. Within this cycle, we respond flexibly to clients' needs and project scope.


Week 1

Discovery & research

We held workshops to gather insights on Smart Legal's target audience, legal areas, and revenue predictability. This helped us understand their goals and challenges more effectively.

Analyze current ad strategy

We analyzed the client's existing advertising campaigns to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for the future.

Audit the current UX of the app

We audited Smart Legal's previous implementation, specifically evaluating design and functionality to identify areas for improvement in UX and usability.


Week 2

Designing a new user experience

We developed a user-friendly interface emphasizing the product's unique selling points. Our focus was on improving conversions, simplifying processes, and enhancing overall usability to create an exceptional user experience.

Zeroing in on the right target market

We performed a multi-dimensional analysis to identify the legal fields and target audience that would be most lucrative for Smart Legal. This valuable insight has enabled us to customize their platform to meet the requirements and preferences of their ideal clients.


Weeks 3

Launching and landing pages

We collaborated closely with Smart Legal's development team to integrate new features, ideas and functionalities seamlessly, resulting in a pixel-perfect landingpage. During this time, we also developed a comprehensive paid advertising strategy for Smart Legal using various channels to increase visibility, generate high-quality leads to validate their idea, and drive conversions.


Week 4

Monitoring and optimization

During this week, we closely monitored the performance of our paid campaign and made data-driven optimizations to ensure a high ROI for Smart Legal.

At the end of Week 4, we provided Smart Legal with detailed reports on the performance of the new paid campaign. Our analysis included valuable insights and recommendations for further improvements, helping us further enhance the discoveries from previous weeks to continue iterating for even better results.