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Being an entrepreneur in this modern world may look easy but it takes time to get to the top. Every successful entrepreneur like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet has their own share of ups and downs when it comes to entrepreneurship.Then why do people turn to entrepreneurship when there are risks?It makes your money more valuable than saving it. Entrepreneurship is a good investment.As we all know if there's anything constant in this world, that's taxes. In every earnings you have, taxes will always hunt you down. If you are someone who wants to make a better value to your earnings then start building your business.Each entrepreneur has goals and dreams to fulfill, the cost of getting your dream is high. The journey is full of bumps and falls, and at some point, this might make you doubt if you are really doing the right thing.In this article, I will share the golden rule of entrepreneurship to keep you reminding that you are on the right track and why you should continue to pursue being an entrepreneur.


Since 2020, we have been working with startup businesses and new entrepreneurs and we noticed the same pattern of problems. I’ve compiled these best practices based on our experiences working with them and also our personal realizations as we grow too.


You can't just start a business without investing money. If there's anything that you need to learn first is, you have to know the cost of your business. You don't have to pour in millions in order to be successful in the business but you need to understand how to spend your money. Be very keen on this, always know the pros and cons, and think a hundred times before diving into any decision that involves money. The goal is to add value to our earnings. That's why we are here, so take time to understand the cost and spendings you will have to do your business.


Your dreams and vision will serve as your destination map as you go through this long journey. This will also serve your motivation, there will be a lot of pitfalls and failures that you will encounter along the way. If you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, this will be your guide and strong foundation. This is very important, without a vision, you won't know where to go or you will be easily swayed away by others. So picture how your goals are going to be like and go make it happen.


Your team is essential to your business growth. You need to select your team not just based on expertise but also attitude and commitment. Your team is equally responsible for your business success. They can either delay your growth or will make a breakthrough. Thus remember money and promotions are not enough to make them grow with your business, you need to provide support and encouragement - you work for them not the other way around.


Building a business is for the short term, if you want your business to last years and years start building your brand. Your brand is also what sets you apart from the others why your prospects or customers will always need you. Your unique identifier does not only mean that you should have a great logo, your quality of work and your process should be your best identifier. The stronger you build your brand the longer and more secure you are that your business will last forever.


Getting the right tools is very essential to every successful entrepreneur. You have to get the right equipment and resources to increase efficiency, productivity, and most of all profitability. Even if you have the most skilled employee if you don't have the right materials for the project, the results will always be second grade, and this doesn't mean you have to have it all, study your line of business and get the essential things that you need. By the time you'll know what tools to add or upgrade and even eliminate.To be a successful entrepreneur, the most important element that you need to remember is to love what you are doing. Above are just guides that will help you as you take the world of entrepreneurship.But being passionate about what you do or what you will do takes you to a different perspective, that no matter what happened to your business, you will always find a way to rise above it. Build your business empire but don't forget to nourish it with love and commitment.For struggling entrepreneurs that want to grow their business or maybe it's already time to take the next level. We are here to help you!Check our startup package designed to help new businesses.We also have an innovation guidebook that will help you understand your business needs.Join our growing community of entrepreneurs, startup businesses, and product innovations. Here we have a space for growth and learning. Design Thinking and Innovation - Only Workshops