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Top 10 Product Innovation Agencies in Berlin to look for in 2023

The new year is approaching, and there are certain companies and startups that persist in accumulating exponential growth. Why is that?They have set up a system of innovation continuously at work to generate new ideas, validate them, and develop new products.While a consulting company often offers advice on how to improve current products, services, or business models, an innovation agency specializes in working with clients to develop new products, services, or business models.The needs of your company should be taken into account when choosing an inventive agency, and the agency should be appropriate for the project.So to help you narrow down your search, here are the top 10 product innovation agencies in Berlin to look for in 2023!

#1 Bonanza Design

Innovation is a process, not a one-time project!Great products rarely arrive by accident; rather, they are the result of many rounds of iteration. Companies make significant investments in product development only to discover that the product receives mixed signals from the market. Then they are forced to further invest in learning what’s not working.That’s where we come in. Bonanza Design is “the best UX & Innovation Studio in Germany” (The Manifest) and our Lean Innovation Sprint maximizes your learnings through an iterative 3-week cycle of Learn-Prototype-Test at the early stages of product development.

#2 Digital Masters GmbH

From start-ups to big players, Digital Masters support you in digitizing your business. They optimize your channels and campaigns, maximize your results, develop suitable platforms and let your brand shine where it is seen. In doing so, they focus on nothing less than your success! Sounds really good, doesn't it?

#3 Codeblick

A team with specialists in the areas of UX design, innovation, development, e-commerce, and social media. Codeblick specialized in innovating and creating E-commerce stores combining design and technology. Help companies to optimally set up their online sales channel. In digital product development, they help with the budgeting, conception, and handling of such projects.

#4 Not All Bad

Not All Bad was founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the process and making digital consultation and user experience design accessible to all. They are a digital consulting and experience design hub with the mission to offer high-quality design as a service to a wide range of companies and organizations across the globe.

#5 Constantin Gmbh

Constantin GmbH is a development service provider and manufacturer of products where good design is an important success factor. The company accompanies customers with all the services required to successfully realize innovations, such as design, engineering, prototyping, and ultimately the production of the parts.

#6 Universalabs

Universalabs is a boutique product innovation firm that helps companies with both strategic and hands-on expertise. We can help you to find product-market fit, choose the right technologies, improve user experience, and speed up development.They also build and manage bespoke software development and marketing teams for your particular needs. Work with companies big and small. Their projects range from leading corporate Digital Transformation to helping Startups find the right market and build the right products on time and on budget.


RCKT accompanies companies and brands into the digital age. With a team of around 60 employees and a network of over 200 experts, RCKT is dedicated to strategic advice and the creative implementation of digital projects. In addition to established DAX companies and digital market leaders, the customer base also includes medium-sized companies and up-and-coming startups. In 2018, RCKT was named communications consultancy of the year by the PR Report.

#8 TAK-Innovation

TAK means yes. Say TAK to innovation.TAK’s mission was always to help businesses and organizations innovate and push the boundaries by researching, rethinking, and redesigning.

#9 A Color Bright

A Color Bright design, build and launch digital products – both for clients and for our own ventures. They work with organizations big and small, that strive to make a difference for their customers. A lot of what they do is in music, media, technology, and the arts.The company believes in passion, persistence, open discussions, and obsession with the right details.

#10 Goodpatch

Goodpatch is an independent design company with 200 employees spread across studios in Tokyo, Berlin, and Munich. Driven by the mission to prove the power of design, and create sustainable value for people, organizations, and the planet.Their Berlin team is well known for work building digital products for startups and global brands alike. Whether you’re a startup looking to build your first Minimum Lovable Product or a big brand that needs help navigating the digital transformation process, we’ve got you covered. Product innovation is important because it can help you create new spaces in a seemingly crowded market. By identifying the gaps and imposing yourself into a new space, you can find an audience and satisfy consumer needs in a way that is new and refreshing. With this list, we hope you find the best agency that best fits your company’s needs.