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We assisted Assemblio in reimagining their brand and creating a captivating website with concise communication


About Assemblio

Assemblio revolutionizes the assembly planning process, reducing the time from weeks to minutes. By incorporating gamification and reverse engineering, they simplify and accelerate the traditionally time-consuming and tedious task of creating assembly plans

Problem Statement

The old website didn't show well how the product works and why it's a leader in assembly processes. It had old style, lots of text, and no clear contact page or value proposition





Team Involved

1 Design lead

1 UX Designer

2 Graphic Designers

Project Duration

2 months

Data-driven, Agile Discovery

Service Details

We are a process-driven growth studio, operating in weekly sprints and utilizing lean and agile methodologies. Within this cycle, we respond flexibly to clients' needs and project scope.

Kickoff & exploration

Week 1-2

Moodboard creation

Using all the gathered knowledge, we created a moodboard and explored various styles for the new design

Product exploration

Before starting the redesigns, we analyzed the current state of the website and the client's product to ensure we highlighted core features and created cohesive messaging

Kickoff workshop

During the call, we set expectations, walked the client through our process, and established goals that the website needs to achieve

Wireframes & branding

Weeks 3-5


We launched new branding with key messages: simplicity, premium quality, speed, and professionalism, catering to corporate and large company audiences

Wireframes and 3D animation

The crucial task was to sketch and draft a storyboard for a 3D animation, illustrating the app's key functionality upon scroll animation

Design & Implementation

Week 6-8