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Examining the design of choice screens in the context of the Digital Markets Act.

Research commissioned by the European Consumer Organisation
Quantitative tests
User interviews
EU Country
Interactive design

Project overview

BEUC, hired Bonanza Design to conduct a study to test how consumer-facing obligation outlined in Article 6(3)(ii) of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) which requires gatekeepers to offer consumers a choice screen with a list of alternatives service providers for search engines.

Project goal

Determine the optimal choice screen design by analysing consumer behaviour and interaction through data.

Formulate a set of design guidelines on how a natural choice should be designed.

We are a process-driven growth studio, operating on weekly sprints and using lean and agile methodologies

We had generated different ideas and sketched over 80 concepts to reimagine the presentation of the Search Engine Choice Screen.

Quantitative tests
User interviews
Ideas and concepts were generated
Used to analysing consumer insights