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ComX achieved 60% rise in user engagement


Project overview

The median average time to launch a client campaign on the ComX platform was about 45 days. Through our efforts, we managed to reduce this time by half. Often, after the campaign was launched, clients had limited engagement opportunities. Based on our research, we identified the most relevant metrics for clients and customer success teams. We combined these insights to innovate and design a campaign analytics platform, allowing them to monitor the ongoing campaigns' health.


Campaign Launch Reduction


Increased user engagement

About ComX is a sales enablement platform that uses data and AI to help B2B companies generate more leads and increase conversion rates. It provides personalized sales copy, landing pages, sales scripts, and sales training materials, as well as real-time perception analytics.

Problem Statement

How might we decrease the median campaign launch time and enhance post-launch user engagement on the platform?





Team Involved

2 UX designers

1 Design Lead

Project Duration

6 months

Data-driven, Agile Discovery

Service Details

We are a process-driven growth studio, operating in weekly sprints and utilizing lean and agile methodologies. Within this cycle, we respond flexibly to clients' needs and project scope.


Weeks 1-3

Understand current user journey

We started to notice patterns, and based on them, we constructed a comprehensive user journey that outlines internal and external requirements.

Uncover motivations and pain-points

We conducted in-depth interviews with the internal ComX team and customers, carefully analyzing the outcomes to thoroughly understand the current experience of ComX email campaign management.

Gather existing knowledge

In our kickoff discovery workshops, we aim to achieve several key objectives: understanding stakeholder expectations, building a shared understanding of the overall project direction, and understanding who the customers are and how the product will improve their lives.

“We very much felt that the designers we were working with were an extension of our internal team.”

Omid Sajedi | Director of Engineering & Product

Ideation workshop

Weeks 4-6

Concept and prototype

After collaborating with the ComX team and iterating through multiple concepts, we agreed on a concept to test and created a design roadmap. Next, we transformed the idea into an interactive prototype.

Identify opportunities

Through conducting weekly user interviews, we developed a user flowchart to gain a deeper understanding of the current email campaign management process and identify areas for improvement.

“Bonanza team made sure that everyone was on the same page in terms of strategy, in the direction we want to go to”

Omid Sajedi | Director of Engineering & Product

Lean Testing

Weeks 7-8

Usability testing and analysis

We conducted tests to identify and eliminate product ideas and features that were unlikely to be successful before ComX invested a significant amount of time and money in their development. Through synthesis, we identified problems from the user testing, allowing us to iterate and elevate the design to the next level.

“Bonanza team quickly learned what is bothering them(users) and being able to translate that into a solution. “

Omid Sajedi | Director of Engineering & Product


Weeks 9-15

Improve prototype ♺ conduct usability testing

Based on the first round of testing we could validate the concept and identify the features that aims to solve the problem of ComX team. We conducted several rounds of testing before developing the high-fidelity design.

Early Iteration
Last Iteration

“The methodologies that you guys implemented are very much of our internal processes, meaning very much in an agile way."

Omid Sajedi | Director of Engineering & Product


Week 16-24

Build version blocks

During the final iteration, we crafted 4 versions of the product. This approach allows the ComX team to systematically build and scale their product over time.

“It was very much end to end, iterative step-by-step UX and UI design, which incorporated the first version of the feature all the way to what the final result should be in multiple iterations.”

Omid Sajedi | Director of Engineering & Product