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App in 4 Weeks

Pave your way to achieving 100k ARR. Our client portfolio
have raised 200M+ in investments due to our work

Startups typically spend 6 months to launch their app

Long list of features leads to a hefty roadmap and development effort

Typical software development agency is maximizing hourly billing for as many developers, as long as possible

Traditional consulting firms stick to a specific technology, limiting innovation and the integration of AI tools

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We focus on rapid delivery, shipping fast, and customising each solution to meet your unique business needs.

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Fixed-rate development ensures cost-efficiency, avoiding the high expenses of hourly billing

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We are seasoned venture builders that leverage your domain knowledge to create world-class products.

Not to mention, managing multiple tools and providers!

After Bonanza

No matter where you're at in your growth, we'll have you market-ready  in just weeks

♟️ Bootstrap

1 week

€ 5 000

Founders at idea stage seeking rapid prototype development for quick idea validation & fundraising

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Launch in 4 days, guaranteed. No upfront payment required

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Free product consultation & app audit

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One feature per month and continuous product iterations after launch

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Guaranteed delivery - If we commit to a project, we deliver it

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Hosting & guaranteed 99.9% availability

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⭐️ Early stage

4 weeks

€ 20 000

Ventures seeking rapid app development for getting to their product-market fit

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Launch in 4 weeks, guaranteed. No upfront payment required

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No-vendor locking, your code, your IP

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Continuous feature development and product iterations after launch

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Hosting & guaranteed 99.9% availability

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💎 Scale-ups

12 weeks

€ 50 000

Scale-ups facing the urgent need to overhaul their app to support growing demands

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Launch in 3 months, guaranteed.
No upfront payment required

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No-vendor locking, your code, your IP

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Continuous feature development and product iterations after launch

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Hosting & guaranteed 99.9% availability

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On top of each offer you'll get

Customized offer for complex ideas

You're scaling up and you need a customized solution?
Contact us

Fixed offer for early stage ideas

Go to market fast and test your app

NO upfront payment

Exclusively work 1-1 with Behrad and Omid

Hosting costs 20x lower than Amazon or Google cloud solutions.

Own all the IPs unlike others

Flat retainer 3500€/month to maintain the app after the launch

Get free app audit
Book a demo

We accept only one client each month

If we don't launch your app as we promised, we will...

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NOT charge you. We only ask for payment if we deliver on our promise

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Work for free until we launch the app. In case you'd like to continue working with us

Wait, there's more!
You'll get €8,000 worth of additional benefits

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Credit towards our website design service. You need a website to go to market!

€ 2500

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1 month free maintenance of your app that launched with us

€ 3500

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Access to all Bonanza Studios blueprints and templates

€ 2000

€ 8 000 Free

Some of our recent success stories

We built an Airbnb like platform in 1 day
We built a closed-loop AI app in 12 weeks  to automate daily stand ups
We built an AI assistant for Smart Legal that secured $38k in net new revenue in 4 weeks
We built a sales proces for HomeServe that generated 3x their revenue in just 3 months
Scoutbee achieved initial product-market fit and hired their internal team after we built their app in 4 weeks

Out-of-the-box integrations to industry leading AI providers

Empower your business by utilising word-close deep learning models while owning every piece of the code — break free from vendor constraints

We harness our low-code platform to ship digital products at lightning speed. 
While you own every line of code

Automated product delivery, fraction of the cost

Cloud native apps at a fraction of the cost

Streamline code delivery with our automation tools, compatible across major cloud providers and fully managed by us. Build and iterate swiftly at up to 20x lower hosting costs.

Auto generated UI components

Means building your frontend lightning fast.

Rapidly convert designs to UI components.Powered by Al tools, generating frontend components while maintaining clean code

Modular backend. Full Ownership

We deliver rapid, high-quality web and mobile apps.

Pre-built. 100% customisable business components that allows us to ship modern web and mobile applications fast, without compromising on quality. Develop and launch with us, free from vendor lock-in, while fully owning every line of code



User management


Payment gate



User management


Payment gate

Authorization module


Client management

Booking system

Subscription module

Authorization module


Client management

Booking system

Subscription module

Security first approach

Our solution is SOC2 Type 2 compliant, a crucial security policy for handling sensitivecustomer data. It allows the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personal Information, fully compatible with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Here‘s a break down of our process

Design sprint

9 out of 10 startups fail, because they fail to skip the competition

Design Sprint is an effective methodology purpose-built to address the changing needs of agile development. Through a week of design sprint, we carve out a product strategy like Calendly's "easy scheduling" or Superhuman's "Fastest email experience" for your vision. We then proceed to develop, test, and iterate on the app prototypes.


UX Design & Development

Cutting-edge UX, auto-generated UI, and modular backends enable us to develop your app at blazing speed

Over the past 4 years, we have laid the building blocks of an effective assembly line that allows us to develop apps within a 2-week timeframe.


Launch & Deploy

Build in days, ship to millions at a fraction of the average hosting costs

Startups spend a considerable portion of their runway on product development with limited iterations. Our streamlined product delivery process, combined with our automation tools, enable you to build, launch an grow at a fraction of the average cost.

Project state

Week 1

Design Sprint

Week 2 & 3

UX Design & Development

Week 4


Serial Entrepreneurs will take care of your business

Behrad Mirafshar

3x founder, have raised 200M+ in investment in his career. Product Strategist and CEO of Bonanza

Behrad is a unicorn builder (Grover) and a serial entrepreneur passionate about creating scalable and profitable businesses. Over the course of 15 years, he has helped over 100 startups achieve their product-market fit leveraging agile and lean startup methodologies.

Omid Sajedi

2x founder, has built 20+ revenue generating apps in recent years. CTO of Bonanza

Omid is a seasoned developer and executive specializing in digital strategy and transformation. He's led numerous ventures from idea to profit, with a focus on customer-oriented solutions for complex problems. His leadership has delivered robust, scalable solutions with significant impact.

Frequently asked questions
No upfront payment. How does it work?

Pay at the end, after the launch of the app. If we don't launch your app in 4 weeks, we will work for free until we do launch, in case you would like to continue working with us still.

When can you start working on our project?

At the start of each month, we kick off a new project.

Why is there limited seats?

When committing to a new project, our entire attention is dedicated to its success above all else. Taking on multiple projects simultaneously forces us to divide our focus, which compromises the likelihood of achieving success.

How do you guarantee 4 week delivery?

We follow our own blueprint, which is the result of years of designing, developing, and launching apps. We call it an assembly line. Over the past four years, we've developed all the building blocks to design, develop, and launch apps within 4 weeks. We're so confident in our execution that we offer a no-upfront payment guarantee to all of our clients. You only pay after successful delivery.

Who do we work with?

You work directly with Behrad and Omid throughout the 4-week process. You will have daily touch bases with us through a direct Slack channel and participate in multiple workshops.

I have negative experience with other dev agencies. How are you different?

We're serial entrepreneurs, passionate about building scalable products. We accept only one client per month and dedicate 100% of our focus. We don't charge a retainer fee; you only pay us upon successful delivery. Many of our current clients are returning, a testament to our commitment to the success of your enterprise.

How do I translate my idea into a MVP?

We leverage design sprint methodology, which is a proven and effective process to design and test app concepts. This process was initially developed at Google Ventures and is now a widely used method to arrive at MVP concepts. Behrad has conducted many design sprint workshops in his career.

How does Development work?

Through the past 4 years, we've created a modular low-code platform focused on scalability, security, and data protection. Our numerous customizable modules enable us to deliver solutions swiftly, in weeks instead of months. We offer everything necessary to develop your digital products, granting you full ownership of every line of code.

How do you guarantee security & scalability?

Our solution delivers flexibility, speed, and power, providing you with absolute control over your infrastructure. You can scale your solutions unlimitedly, regardless of the number of users or the volume of data. Our platform is modular and containerized, allowing indefinite scaling to meet your growth needs. From day one, we adopt a composable architecture with robust security features and granular permission controls to protect every bit of your critical data. Your data is securely encrypted both at rest and in transit, safeguarding against unwanted access and breaches. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive audit module out of the box, enabling you to track all activities on your solution..

How do you ensure data security?

Our solution is SOC2 Type 2 compliant, a crucial security policy for handling sensitive customer data. It allows the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personal Information, fully compatible with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. Moreover, all customer data is encrypted at rest with AES-256 and during transit via TLS. Thanks to our role-based access control, you can keep track of who has access to what at any given time.

Do you have a DPA (data protection agreement)?

We build your products with heavy focus on scalability and data protection. Since every line of code is your IP, we opt for hosting the solution on your cloud provider with us being here to support after launch to maintain your solution. Therefore we typically do not offer a DPA, only if you prefer to host the solution with us.

How do you manage DDoS attacks?

Our solution has out-of-the-box features to enhance security & data protection. More specifically, we offer protection against DDoS  attacks, mitigating resource abuse and preventing unexpected costs.

What if my app idea is complex? Can you still launch it in 4 weeks?

During the first week workshop, we will prioritize and focus on the most important product capability first. Many successful businesses have been built on delivering ONE product capability like no others. Calendly, Doodle, Docusign, and UserTesting are some of the prime examples. They all began by focusing on doing one thing exceptionally well.

What if I need additional features after the initial launch?

We offer you flat retainer and each month, we will launch an additional feature for €3500/month on a 12-month minimum engagement contract

Can you help apps with existing customers and complex architecture?

Yes. We would offer you a customized offer depending on the scope of the project. Please schedule a discovery call with us, and we will decide whether your project is the right fit.

What if what you build won't get us to revenue?

Entrepreneurship is a game of taking calculated risks. There's always a risk of not succeeding. Your odds of achieving $100k ARR working with us are higher compared to any other scenario. We narrow down your focus around a single product capability that your target market would want now. With our exceptional execution capability, you can present your offer to them in as little as 4 weeks. You will quickly learn whether your core offering can generate revenue or if you need to pivot. This is already a significant advantage compared to typical scenarios where you might have to wait 6 months to enter the market.

We can’t afford 20k but we would like to work with you. Can you still support us?

Considering how long and how much you need to invest in a typical scenario to launch your app, 20k is already a great offer. On average, a startup costs about 7.5k Euro per month to assemble a development team, and it typically takes them 6 months to launch their app. That's already 25k saved for you, We also offer an additional 7.5k in bonuses. Plus you get to tap into our years of experience in developing and scaling products. Experience + execution = success.

Where's your company registered?

We're a German company operating under the legal structure known as GmbH. This structure is commonly used for private companies in Germany and Austria. GmbH is analogous to the Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the United States.

Do you have business liability insurance?

We are covered for financial and business damages caused by our work, up to €500,000.

Where is your team based?

50% of our team is based in Germany; the rest is from France, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, England, and Iran.