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In today's modern world, having the right set of skills is a great advantage to excel in your creative career.In history, employees looked more on your educational attainments and if you don't have a master's degree your chances are thin to get the job. But a lot has changed since then. It has been proven by many successful people Steve Jobs and Kanye West that success is not equal to having a higher education.Except for careers related to hard science, most of the career options require a blend of communication, collaboration, and analytical thinking skills. And today's education system is not fully prepared to equip you with the experience you need to excel in today's job market.Here’s the nutshell of my experience being in the creative industry over 10 years

  • True education starts and ends with you wanting to learn something new —— and not a teacher asks you to do something.
  • A great education trains you in real projects rather than teaches you theories using coursebooks with pictures.
  • A great education offers you mentors so they can observe your growth and help you when needed.

Here are some tips to earn your experience and improve your skills in the actual market:

  1. Get an internship.

Get an internship in a growing company or work closely with aspiring entrepreneurs near you, and that's how you can train yourself. In the creative market, the more experience you have the better chances of getting the job. If you are someone who just finished school this may be a tough one for you. So it is highly recommended to get an internship for starters. This will give you the best of both worlds, the side of you learning about the actual happenings and the side of adjustment for you too.

  1. Take your time to learn the real world of the creatives

The future of the creative market will be shaped up by creative entrepreneurs who can lead a project from start to finish. There are no shortcuts to getting the job done. It’s only by experiencing the processes first hand, you can unlock the skills that you need to get it done. There will be a lot of trials and errors but that is where you learn most and that is something that books cannot teach you.

  1. Keep pushing your learning limits

Those who are not afraid of learning new things constantly will excel in the future of the job market. The learning never stops in the creative world, it just keeps on going and getting better. So do not be complacent, push yourself to learn more and more.

  1. No time for comfort

There'll be increasingly fewer job opportunities for comfort seekers. With the current pandemic, the market is getting more competitive than ever. There is no time for you to just sit around and read textbooks, time for you to get yourself out there and open new opportunities for you.


The world of the creative is wide and competitive. It is not enough to just graduate from college and apply for jobs. That is not the real world that we have now. It is best to know these 4 skills to get yourself ready for what the market demands.

Critical thinking

In a time of pressure and dilemma, how will you manage to make big decisions? In times that we are bombarded with fake news and false advertising, how can you tell lies?The reason why critical thinking is a very important skill is because it tells you how to set things apart. Here is a fact in the creatives market. You will be working most of the time with complicated projects and you will always be in the position that you will have to make constant changes and decisions that can make or break the project. In order to achieve that, your critical thinking skills must be strong. One solution is not enough to make a project successful, you must spend time analyzing things over and over again. Mastering critical thinking will give you a lot of advantages especially meeting your client's goal in the future. Take your time to polish these skills. It's a must.


In a world full of automation and advanced technology happening in the workforce at a fast speed, how can you survive?Creativity is the answer! This is the only key so we can robot-proof and protect our career as creatives. Even with advanced technology and processes, the human mind's creativity is far better than any platform. Think of this, they can create the most advanced robot in the market but creativity is something you can’t make out of chips and steels. Creativity is what made our world what it is now and what will make our future ahead. That's why always think outside of the box and continuously improve your creativity skills.


Human interaction cannot be automated and streamlined regardless of how many tools you’re using to manage your team collaboration. The more that you collaborate with other people, the more you can operate at scale and address opportunities thoroughly. Because you will see things from different perspectives and angles. Collaboration is today's global world is the key competitive advantage. Don’t underestimate it and continuously try to widen your network.


All good things start with great communication. Even in just our ordinary life or daily basis like ordering a coffee or talking to a colleague, we need to communicate. It may look easy as it is but trust me, this is where most conflicts come from. Communication is a two-way part. In the creative world, failure to communicate properly especially your ideas and processes can result in a bigger problem. In communication, this combines the 3 skills above: critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. This all sums up to one message and that message should be clear not only to you but to your receiver. Having great communication skills will either make your audience turn their backs on you or trust you. Yes one of the foundations to earning trust, especially your prospects and clients, is through your communication. The more clear and precise you deliver the things you want to do with their project, the more confidence they will have in you. So day by day practice communicating effectively even with just your colleagues and friends. This will bring you higher chances of getting projects.Now time to get out there and work on these skills.These are the skills that are most in-demand that are not being taught in the school. You will only get this in the real world and these are the essential things that you need to learn as a creative.Out of the four, what skills do you love the most and what is the least?Share your thoughts with us contact@bonanza.design Join our growing community of startup businesses and product innovators, free space where all ideas and thoughts are welcome:

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