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Things To Do During a Coronavirus Lockdown

How do we deal with such unprecedented events as social distancing, quarantine, and national lockdown?In times like this, lockdown and social distancing we rely solely on each other's company, and through the aid of technology.No one is ever ready for this kind of situation especially a lockdown, though it is for the best of everyone to stay at home. Some may have a hard time coping up but we got here a few tips for you.


Stay connectedNot just online but also to your family or friends who you haven't connected for a while. This lockdown gives us a great opportunity to reconnect and bond with your family.Limit social media usageSocial media is one of the best sources of updates and news. But it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially there's a lot of fake news that drives confusion and panic. Use social media for connecting with people and for necessarily updates only. Give your phones and gadgets a break too.Be productiveNow is a perfect time to overhaul your home. Time to clean up your closet and shelves. Rearrange furniture and appliances, start reordering stuff in place. Throw out the stuff you no longer need and clear up your space. Watch how Marie Kondo does it.Time for Me-timeSoon you'll be back on your busy schedule so take advantage of your vacancy and time for me time. Catch up on your skincare and your health. Do some home exercises or yoga. Read your favorite book or binge on your favorite series, (hint Crash landing on you and Kingdom are a hit on Netflix now).MeditateWith the current crisis, it is very alarming and stressful. But don't let it consume you, that's why we need to meditate and reflect on what should be on our mind and not. Our mental health is as good as our physical health too. We need to take care of our mental health too. Avoid unnecessary stress and focus on the solution.Indoor plantingFlex your green thumb. Planting has been proven to be one of the best stress reliever activities. Luckily there are a variety of plants you can plant even inside your home.Don't worry they are space savers, low maintenance, and can add an accent to your home.PuzzlesOld fashioned games but puzzles are great memory solving games now and then. Not the same one on your smartphones but the actual puzzles that would really make you sit and solve for hours. This is to keep your mind active in a healthy way. Solving a puzzle can give you a lot of benefits, like improving your visual-spatial reasoning and the ability to solve problems. So skip your mobile games and challenge yourself with traditional puzzles.Board Games and CardSurely both kids and adults enjoy board games. The best way to get everyone involved in a fun and enjoyable way is by challenging each other through cards or rolls of dice. All-time favorites are of course scrabble, chess, monopoly, and checkers. But if you want the newer version you can try Never have I ever or Jenga.Whether you like the old board games or the new ones, get on it and challenge your family or friends for some fun.Hello BooksGet your bookworm side now that you have time to catch on to your favorite books.Good news too! Some book authors like Paolo Coelho already made some of their books available online for free.Hit on some learning books like Ego is the enemy or The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck they are also one of the bestsellers and trust me you'll have a good time reading them.Learn a new skill that you've always wantedWant to learn Chinese, cook a meal, or fix furniture? Go for it, remember the time you said you want to do something but just didn't have the time? Now's the perfect time to get a headstart on the things you want to learn. Thanks to youtube and some video tutorial learning stuff now is so easy and just right on your fingertips. You might now after this Coronavirus you can already divert to a new direction with your new skill.Workout RoutineJust because you can't go to your gym because of the lockdown or outside you can't get your body some exercise. There's plenty of exercise routines you can do at home. You can do yoga or Zumba even when you're in your living room. You can also browse on youtube some minute exercises you can do indoors. Check this out:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDjeRqqQu2AWhatever your exercise routine it is still best to do them every day to keep your mind and body healthy.No screen time after 9 pmThough you may be tempted to browse more on your social media, it would be best to give it a break after 9:00 pm. Give your time to rest and relax your mind through the night. Some news can drive anxiety especially with the Coronavirus updates we get to see from time to time and that can lead to sleeping problems. Instead of screen time, get busy, and prepare a good meal for dinner or meditate on your quiet time for a little relaxation.Like everything, this Corornavirues and lockdown will pass soon, and we will withstand and weather the impact of it better together. In the words of an Irish proverb "Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine" – in the shelter of each other the people live.For more learning stuff and fun reads, visit our blog