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Why Workshops are More Effective Than meetings

Pointless meetings cost U.S. companies a whopping $399 billion in 2019. Never hold a large meeting. it's ineffective.????Run workshops instead. They're✅ EngagingContrary to meetings, people have to stand up, collaborate, and co-create.✅ a Time-saverOften meetings beg for more meetings. A workshop can save you tens of meetings.✅ Designed based on a clear agenda and desired outputThis sets the expectation of the participants and unites them to follow the agenda and arrive at results


To grow as an organization, you need to continuously evolve your methods for bringing people together to solve problems. We used to rely heavily on meetings for such purposes before we discovered workshops. We believe successful organizations are those who leverage workshops to get things done, reduce back-and-forth, and increase engagement.

The Case of Meetings

Meetings are dumb. The barriers to having meetings are low. You’d usually have regular 10, 30, 45, or 60 minutes meetings with your team on a regular basis. This would lead to having a loose agenda.Another problem with meetings is endless discussions. Unstructured Discussion follows no direction and wastes your team energy and efficiency. As if you’d be shooting in the dark poorly hoping to catch something.We don’t need to meet our colleagues in person to get things done. Understanding that is the stepping stone towards maturing your team and boost effectivity, higher team engagement, and happiness.


On the contrary, Workshops are structured and focused through which we strive to build a detailed output. Before any workshop, we agree on clear expectations as to which output we desire to achieve. The clarity over the outputs drives the team forward to explore, discover, design, and test their ideas. Participants have well-defined roles as if they’re part of a team and the success of which depends on how they get their part done. Workshops could last for days depending on the complexity of the deliverables. As if the participants are the characters of a story and they work together to go through the journey and make the end of the story.Limited in time, so, every task time-bounded and defined. Given the achievement and rewards are clear for each task, it’d increase participant motivation to complete the task and see the results.Workshops are not only engaging but also everyone will have a good time learning and collaborating. Meetings are outdated and the workshops are the future of the work.Don't forget to check out the list of workshops we have here. If you have questions, comments or suggestions feel free to message us contact@bonanza.design